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We are a small home-based cattery in the Durham region of Ontario.

Careful selection of the cats we use in our breeding program has a lot to do with the quality of kittens that we achieve. When you have great parents, you produce great kittens! When we look for new breeders we usually turn to Europe to bring in new blood lines. Sometimes we are searching for over a year to find just the right fit. Our future breeders are chosen through careful research with the utmost priority on genetic health and disposition. All of our Siberians come from ancestors with no known HCM or PKD in their pedigrees.

Kittens often take on the personality of their parents and when a parent is shy, aloof or somewhat aggressive, these traits can usually be seen in their litters. We know that even with extra time and attention given to kittens that are “not up to par” they will never come to the point that we would like them to be. As soon as we see undesirable traits in a potential breeder, we immediately remove that cat from our breeding program.
As we wish to maintain our “closed cattery” status, all incoming cats go straight from the airport to the isolation ward of our veterinarian. They remain there until every test imaginable comes back negative.


• We treat anyone coming to us as our top priority
• We operate with the highest standards of openness, honesty, trust and integrity; always acting in our cats’ best interest
• We share options, opinions and solutions with every enquirer
• if we make a promise, we will do our absolute best to keep it

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact us.