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The Siberian cat is the only truly hypo-allergenic cat. Sensitivity to animals, especially to cats, is one of the most frequently seen allergies. In fact, millions of North Americans suffer from cat allergies. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, chronic sore throat and/or scratchy throat, coughing, wheezing, itchy skin, red, itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy noses and sneezing.

Contrary to popular belief, most people are not allergic to the fur or cat dander. Research estimates that up to 85% of people suffering from cat allergies are actually allergic to a protein secreted in the feline’s saliva, called FeL-D1. Cats groom themselves constantly and spread their saliva across their fur in the process. There, the saliva containing FeL-D1, dries and because it is several times lighter than air, floats throughout the household environment.

Some Siberian cats and kittens produce lower levels of FeL-D1. These cats provoke less allergic reactions than do most other cats and are said to have hypo-allergenic qualities. To make sure that we are producing kittens with as low a level of FeL-D1 as possible, we have all our adults’ protein levels tested before we introduce them into our breeding program. The only definite testing for someone who is allergic is exposure to the fur of an adult Siberian cat. We strongly advise that for those people with cat allergies or cat-induced asthma, they test themselves with our fur sampling service. The fee for the kit is $25.00 and it can be mailed out to you. The kit contains a sampling of fur from our adults, along with several pages of suggestions/instructions on how to test your reaction to the Siberian cat.

Because you can test with an allergen kit for a longer period of time than a home visit, and the contamination in them is strictly from Siberian cats, we find this way to be more accurate If during a home visit, someone develops allergic symptoms it could be from our dog, our parrot, the cleaning products we use, spores, fungus and plants outside, etc. If you react to the kit, we know for sure that the issue is solely due to an allergy to Siberian cats.


Our family has had two really bad incidents in the past 18 months which ended up with police intervention. The second incident involved the loss of a three-week-old kitten. This totally upset us as most people would not know how to properly look after such a young motherless kitten. It was at that time we reluctantly decided to step into line with the industry standard and end offering home visitation. For a few years prior to this we recognized that we got more accurate testing results from allergen kits than in-home visits but we continued to do them because we knew that some people felt better having seen where and how their potential new pet was raised.


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